Management Philosophy

CHC strongly believes that decision making belongs at the facility level, and a management office exists as a resource to facility management. This is reflected in the fact that the four executive positions in the organization are all filled by licensed Nursing Home Administrators who collectively have over 100 years of experience in this field and who all have a background in individual facility administration.

We let this philosophy permeate the facilities, with minimum emphasis on the role of CHC’s office, and a commitment to emphasize the talents, passion and sense of caring of the individuals who make their facility work for the benefit of the residents.

Management Retention

Carriage Healthcare Companies, Inc. (CHC) believes that management at a local level is key to a successful facility. We believe empowering our local staff to operate the facility in a manner that is most beneficial for the residents, community and facility itself.

CHC does not make a habit of replacing local managerial staff with corporate staff unless all other efforts have been exhausted for the successful operations of the facility. It is the belief that local staff is the most sensitive to the particular needs of the community and residents and is an important liaison between CHC and the community. CHC prides itself on the low turnover of the management staff at each facility.

Customizing Services

CHC has found its niche in managing rural facilities. We enjoy working with the public and customizing the facility services to the unique needs within each community. CHC takes pride in allowing facility individuality within the parameters set forth by the management company and state and federal regulations.

Employee Benefits

CHC’s 401(k) plan, which includes managed facilities continues to be a positive benefit to all levels of staff. CHC does require an employer matching as an additional incentive for facility staff.

Dedicated to providing effective
management plans for today’s assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, while fostering compassionate and caring environments where residents and staff alike can thrive.
– Carriage Healthcare Companies
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